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IBPS PO 2018 (Priliminary)

The Following Model and previous papers are available for IBPS PO (Preliminary)

Course Name Model Papers / Previous Exam Papers
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS_PO_2016_Prelims
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS_PO_2017_Prelim (Memory)
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Prelims 2020 (Memory)
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Prelims 2018
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary 2019 Random
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 57
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 55 - Quiz 56
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 53 - Quiz 54
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 51 - Quiz 52
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 49 - Quiz 50
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 47 - Quiz 48
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 45 - Quiz 46
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 43 - Quiz 44
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 41 - Quiz 42
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 39 - Quiz 40
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 37 -Quiz 38
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 35 - Quiz 36
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 33 - Quiz 34
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 31 - Quiz 32
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 29 - Quiz 30
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 27 - Quiz 28
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 25 - Quiz 26
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 23 - Quiz 24
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 21 -Quiz 22
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 19 - Quiz 20
IBPS PO (Preliminary) quiz 17- quiz 18
IBPS PO (Preliminary) quiz 15- quiz 16
IBPS PO (Preliminary) quiz13-quiz14
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 11 -Quiz 12
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 9 - Quiz 10
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz7 -Quiz8
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 5 - Quiz 6
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 3 - Quiz 4
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Quiz 1 - Quiz 2
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-149-150
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-147-148
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-145-146
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-143 and 144
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-31
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-33
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-32
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-30
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-136 and 140
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-29
IBPS PO (Preliminary) Language BaseTest-1
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-132 and 135
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary -18
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-120-121
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-114-115
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-17
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-112-113
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-110-111
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-107-109
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI 73 to 75
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-70 to 72
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-104-106
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-55 TO57
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-101-103
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IIBPS PO Preliminary-16
IBPS PO (Preliminary) DI-51 to 54
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-15
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Prelimnary-14
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-13
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-12
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO preliminary -11
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-10
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-9
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO preliminary-8
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-7
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO preliminary-6
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-5
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary -4
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary -3
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary-2
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO Preliminary Model Paper 1
IBPS PO (Preliminary) SBI PO PHASE-1 (Preliminary) - 20.06.2015
IBPS PO (Preliminary) IBPS PO/MT-2013

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection also known as IBPS PO , is a recruitment body that was started with an aim to encourage the recruitment and placement of young graduates in public sector banks in India (except SBI). It also provides standardized systems for assessment and result processing services to organizations.

After their nationalization in India in 1969, Indian banks needed to expand their branch network across the country so that they were more accessible to their customers. This required more staff but recruitment through methods such as advertising were unsatisfactory. Thus, the banks asked the National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM) to design a selection testing process through which they could hire proficient candidates.[citation needed] In 1984, the NIBM department that handled the test was converted into the IBPS.

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