About Us

Mocktest.co is an online portal for students, professionals, prospective employees to prepare and evalute themselves where they stand with the exam preparation.

Mocktest.co is a very flexible and Testing interface where the person taking the test can customize the exam with various options and choices. The portal has most common tests around the world. There are various categories of exams such as Competitive for students aiming for higher studies. Person who are looking for jobs. Professionals who are willing to grow higher.

There are two ways of accessing the site. Once is through registration, or as Guest. Registration can be manual, people with facebook and Google accounts and directly register using their accounts. Guest users can also take the exams and view the results.

Features of MockTest Portal:

    Custom Exam
  • Students can choose the course.
  • Once the course is selected, The list of Modules or subjects for the course are displayed. One can choose any of the modules.
  • Any module has list of chapters or sections. One can choose any number of the chapters under the module.
  • The number of questions and time allocated for the module can be customized.
  • Once a test is taken the results are displayed. Once can also get a detailed test and export the test to a pdf file.
  • Tests that are taken are saved automatically, they can viewed under the “Test Taken” Section. These tests can be viewed later as a reference to improve on the areas that need improvement.
    Model and Past Papers
  • There is an inventory of Past Papers for various courses. These papers can be taken as a test online. The results can be viewed after completion of Exam. The can also be viewed under the “Test Taken” section.
  • The results of the test can exported to a pdf file for printing or saving purpose.

Assign section of the Test Taken is going to be available in the next release. This option lets you assign the test to set of individuals, they can be your friends or students. The results of the test can be be viewed by you. This can be very helpful and useful feature for employees who would like to filter candidates by assigning them the test.