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The Following Model and previous papers are available for BITSAT

Model Papers / Previous Exam Papers
Matter and Energy
Surface Chemistry 1
Laws of Motion and Friction 1
Solutions Test
Alcohol Phenol Ether test
Biomolecules Test
Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes Test
Principles and Processes of Extraction (Metallurgy) Test
Gaseous State Test
Polymers Test
Aldehyde Ketone Test
Coordination Compounds Test
Acids and Bases Test
Carboxylic Acid and its Derivatives Test
Amines and Diazonium Salts Test
Energy and Chemical Thermodynamics Test
Transition Elements (d and f block) Test
Stoichiometry Test
Phases of Matter Test
Atomic Structure test
Bonding test
Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium Test
Redox and Electrochemistry Test
Organic Chemistry Test
Nuclear Chemistry Test
Chemical Kinetics Test
Environmental Chemistry Test
s-block Elements Test
Solid State Test
p- block Elements Test
Binomial theorem Test
Three Dimensional coordinate Geometry Test
Two Dimensional coordinate Geometry Test
Sets, Relations and Functions Test
Integral Calculus Test
Differential Calculus Test
Statistics Test
Complex Number Arithmetic Test
Matrices and Determinants Test
Conic Sections Test
Quadratic Functions Test
Theory of Equations Test
Trigonometric Functions and Their Inverses Definitions Test
Factorial, Permutations, Combinations Test
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Test
Inverse Trig Functions Test
All Maths Chapters Test
Electric Forces and Fields Test
Thermal Physics Test
Laws of Motion and Friction Test
Atoms and Nucleii Test
Kinetic Theory of Gases test
Kinematics Test
Work, Energy, and Power Test
Curved and Rotational Motion Test
Oscillations Test
Optics Test
Electric Potential and Capacitance Test
Electromagnetic Induction Test
Modern Physics Test
Gravitation Test
Units and Dimensions Test
Solids and Semiconductor Devices Test
Current Electricity Test
Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum Test
Vectors Test
Heat and Thermodynamics Test
Fluids Test
Idioms and phrases etc. Test
One word substitutions Test
Improving Sentences Test
Synonyms Test
Antonyms Test
Spellings Test
Grammar Test
Error Correction Test
Sentence Rearrangement Test
Fill in the Blanks with Modals, Articles etc
Reading Comprehension Test
Answering questions based on Unseen Passages Test
Logical Problems Test
Data Sufficiency
Seating Arrangements
Number Series Test
Letter & symbol series
Statement and Arguement Test
Making Judgements Test
Number Ranking Test
Blood Relations
Verbal Reasoning
Test of Direction Sense Test
Ven Diagram Test
Chemistry Test 32
Physics Model Paper 33
Chemistry Test 30
Physics Model Paper 32
Chemistry Test 29
Physics Model Paper 31
Chemistry Model Paper 28
Physics Model Paper 30
Physics Model Paper 29
Chemistry Model Paper 27
Physics Model Paper 27
BITSAT Mock Paper 1
BITSAT Mock Paper 2
BITSAT Mock Paper 3
BITSAT Mock Paper 4
BITSAT Mock Paper 5
BITSAT Mock Paper 6
BITSAT Mock Paper 7
BITSAT Mock Paper 8
BITSAT Mock Paper 10
BITSAT Mock Paper 9
Physics Model paper 4
Chemistry Model paper 4
Physics Model paper 5
Chemistry Model paper 5
Chemistry Model paper 6
Physics Model paper 6
Physics Model paper 7
Chemistry Model paper 7
Chemistry Model paper 8
Physics Model paper 8
Physics Model paper 9
Chemistry Model paper 9
Chemistry Model paper 10
Physics Model paper 10
Physics Model paper 11
Chemistry Model paper 11
Physics Model paper 12
Chemistry Model paper 12
Physics Model paper 13
Chemistry Model paper 13
Physics Model paper 14
Chemistry Model paper 14
Maths Model Paper 1
Maths Model Paper 2
Physics Model paper 15
Chemistry Model paper 15
Maths Model Paper 3
Maths Model Paper 4
Physics Model paper 16
Chemistry Model paper 16
Physics Model paper 17
Chemistry Model paper 17
Maths Model Paper 6
Physics Model paper 16
Maths Model Paper 7
Physics Model paper 28
Chemistry Model paper 17
Maths Model Paper 10
Maths Model Paper 9
Physics Model paper 18
Chemistry Model paper 18
Physics Model paper 19
Chemistry Model paper 19
Chemistry Model paper 20
Physics Model paper 20
Physics Model paper 21
Physics Model paper 22
Chemistry Model paper 21
Physics Model paper 23
Chemistry Model paper 22
Chemistry Model paper 23
Chemistry Model paper 24
Physics Model paper 25
Physics Model paper 24
Chemistry Model paper 25
Physics Model paper 26
Chemistry Model paper 26
Chemistry Model paper 1
Physics Model paper 1
Physics Model paper 2
Chemistry Model paper 2
Physics Model paper 3
Chemistry Model paper 3

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani (shortened BITS Pilani or BITS) is a private institute of higher education and a deemed university under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956. The institute is one among the 6 Indian 'Institutes of Eminence' recognized by the Government of India in 2018. It is established across 4 campuses and has 15 academic departments. It focuses primarily on higher education in engineering and sciences and on its management programme.

The institute was established in its present form in 1964. During this period, the institute's transformation from a regional engineering college to a national university was backed by G.D. Birla. BITS, since then, has expanded to campuses at Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad and Dubai.

BITS conducts the All-India computerized entrance examination, BITSAT (BITS Aptitude Test). Admission is merit-based, as assessed by the BITSAT examination. The fully residential institute is privately supported.

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MockTest has a repository of more than 50,000 Questions catering to various fields. The Questions are mostly from previous held Examinations and by Professionals who train students preparing for those examinations. Each questions is provided by detailed solution (Answer) which can be used as a reference. The questions and similar type questions are very likely to be in upcoming exams. MockTest is one stop solution for students who would like to Excel.