Terms Used:

Course: The Test or Exam name

Module: Subject, Set of Topics, Group, Collection of Chapters.

Section: Chapter, Topic.

1. How to register to Mocktest.co Portal

A. You can register two ways by clicking the Signup button on the top right of the Home Page ie. www.mocktest.co a) Custom Registrataion - In this method, the user has to enter his details, a confirmation email is sent to the user. Once the confirmation email is clicked the user becomes an active user and access all the features of the portal. b) Existing Google and Facebook users. The user can register by clicking on the Google or Facebook icon on the signup or login page. No confirmation is sent and the user is automatically registered to the site. The User can also register by clicking on the Google Plus and Facebook icons on the login page.

2. If I forgot my Password, how to get a new password set.

A. If the user forgets the password, he can click the forgot password link on the Login screen. An email is sent to the user. The user can click on the link and change the password.

3. How do I login as a Guest.

A. A Guest can login by clicking on "EXAMS" on the Home page. The user is logged in as Guest. A Guest can take Exams. As a Guest user, the user is restricted to some of the features of the portal such as review of old tests, assing or challege exams. The old tests are purged on a regular basis.

4. Do I need to pay to register.

A. There is no payment required to register to the Portal.

5. What are the features I loose if I login as a Guest.

A. Some of the main features that you loose as logging as Guest are a) Any user who logins as Guest his test records are stored in the same account. The tests taken by the Guest user are accessable to all the users. b) The test cannot be exported to pdf format. c) Once cannot challenge or assign a test to other user. d) The test history is purged on regular basis, A Guest user cannot retrieve the old tests taken.

6. How do I take a test.

A. A user can take two kinds of test, Once is a custom test, the second is a Model paper or previous year paper as a online test. You can take a test a custom test by following the below steps.


1. Login as the user. Click on Exams, If you do not see the Course you are looking for, Click on “ALL EXAMS”. This is going to display all the courses that are available at the portal to take an exam.

2. Click on the Course you are interested in taking the test. This is going to display all the modules with the number of questions in each module and time allocated for that module. These values can be updated. Choose your Module of interest or all the modules.

3. Choose Topics- You can take exam on all the topics or choose the topics by moving over the mouse on the module.

4. Choose the difficulty level

a). Normal - questions choosen randomly.

b). Beginner - Easy or entry level questions

c). Intermediate - Medium level questions

d). Expert - Tough or questions of high difficulty.

5. Click on Start to start the exam.

6. Give a name to your exam for reference.

7. You can move from one module to another by clicking the module name on the top of the test.

8. Finish button is towards the end of exam. Once Finish is clicked or the time expires the test is completed.

9. Once the test is completed, the results are displayed instantly.

10. All the tests taken can be viewed under the TEST TAKEN section by clicking on the view (eye image)

Model Paper or Previous Exam Test

1. Login as the user. Click on Model & Past Papers. Click on the Course you are interested in. You can see a list of Model Papers & Past Papers with number of questions and time allocated to take the test.

2. Click on Start button to start the test. Once you have completed the test, the results of the test are displayed in few seconds. Once can view the Detail report by clicking on the Detail report button, create a pdf report by clicking on the "Export Pdf" button.

3.Completed tests can also be viewed under "Test Taken" Section.

7. How do one Assign a test.

A. One can assign a model paper or a test already taken by the user to a set of individuals by entering the email address of the assigned in the assign form. A modle paper can be assigned by clicking on the assign icon next to the model paper name.

One can assign the test taken or any model paper to group of individuals. 50 users can be assingned a test at a given time. Once the test is assigned an email is sent to the individual. If the individual is a registered user, the test assigned can be viewed uder "Assigned Tests to Me". There are various options that can be used while assigning a test such as expiry date, viewable (if the results are viewable by the person taking the test). This feature is only available to registered users. A test taken by the user can be assigned by clicking on the assing icon in the "Test Taken" section. You can assign a test a custom test by following the below steps.


1. Login as the user. To to Test Taken Section. Click on the assign icon next to the test you would like to assign to users. A dialog box opens, enter the number of users you would like the test assigned. Viewable Option: Choose 'Y' if you would like the person taking the test to view the results, choose 'N' if you do not want the person taking the test to view the result. Enter the name and the email address of all the users and once done, click on Assign. An eamil is sent to the user.

2. Once the assigned user takes the test, the assignee can view the test results under the "Assigned by Me" section.